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I'm a freelance designer with satisfied clients worldwide. Whether you are an individual requiring a small website or a large corporation requiring a much more intricate website, my dedication is uncompromising. Web Design is not just my job it’s my passion. If you are looking for professional web designer you are welcome then.

Despite the wide variety of my projects, I have always won praise and applaud from my clients. The fortunate exposure that I have received to the different kinds of enterprises has made to sensitive to the needs of all kinds of customers. My ability to understand your ideas and shape them into a concrete reality is what sets me apart in a plethora of web designers available. The fact that I have clients worldwide proves that I provide services that are not only effective but most importantly, reliable.  
As a web designer, I am very well acquainted with all the parameters that work in making a website a success. I design websites that are not only visually fantastic to look at, but also have cross browser compatiable, are smooth to navigate, have page composition and easy downloads.
Each one of my customer has a unique idea regarding the design of his website. I try my best to incorporate that uniqueness into the website that I create. It is my duty to provide my customers with the website that is exactly what they have visualized it to be like. It is the distinct quality of my websites that sets my work apart from another web site designer. Keeping myself abreast with the latest, contemporary technological tools that help me provide my customers with the best in web designing services. Since I have delved in web designing projects related to diverse fields, I can help you with a strategic website that really boosts up your sales. 
A thoroughly professional touch, a sensitive outlook and cost effective solution- this is how I would describe my services in a nutshell. Don’t let the distance deter you in any way. A look at my client list will tell you how effective I have been in creating websites for customers situated thousands of miles away. So, whether you want to get a website designed, redesigned or maintained, Contact me. Be sure of prompt and effective services.

One of my goals is to make your web experience pleasant, easy, affordable, and enjoyable. To ensure that this happens here are some of the professional web site design services that I offer:

Probably the most important step in creating a successful website, this first stage involves defining the purpose and goals of the site, identifying your key audience, creating an attractive and easy to use navigational structure, and determining the look and feel of the site. At this point, you may also wish to consider your choice of domain name, who your main online competitors may be, your corporate identity, and practical matters such as who provides any photos and text.
All these issues and more can be discussed during your FREE consultations, and the answers to these questions will be our guide through the web construction process.
Once the scope of the project has been determined I will then be able to provide you with a more accurate quote for your website.
At this stage our aim is to visually represent the thoughts and ideas discussed in the planning stage using colour, style, web graphics and web layouts. To an extent, what we come up with may depend on a number of factors such as existing printed materials, your corporate logo (if you have one), the first impression you want to give visitors, or simply the feel and style that best suits your personality or your business.
Alternatively, you may have had inspiration from a website you have seen which conveys the kind of style you want.
Once we agree on the design parameters, I will then create a custom template or shell design of the home page which you can review and comment on. If this meets your approval, we can then move on to the next step...
The construction phase encompasses the merging of your copy and image content with the approved design template. As work progresses you will be given every opportunity to view your newly-created pages. The first pages to be constructed after the home page are your top-tiered link pages. These are the core pages of your website and the ones most likely to be visited first.
As more and more pages are completed, you can review them to ensure we're heading in the direction you envisaged.All pages are considered temporary until you have given your final stamp of approval. Before "officially" launching the site, I will do a thorough testing of your links and check spelling, browser compatibility and load times. Once all the necessary checks have been completed we can then decide where your site is going to live.
Once you've built your website, it's going to need somewhere to live, so as an added benefit to clients I now offer web hosting, using a Virtual Server from one of Spain's largest webhosting companies. For just 1500 Tk per month (min. 12 months) every client receives a range of services including:
  web hosting (up to 2gb of space)
  site maintenance
  Unlimited email accounts
  access to statistics
Through I can also register a domain name on your behalf from as little as 1200 Tk.
Once the issue of hosting your site has been resolved, we need to ensure that it is visible to search engines.
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